The Italian Meal

Posted: April 12, 2008 in Italian food
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The classic Italian restaurant meal begins with the antipasto, which is followed by the primo piato, the secondo, and the contorno, then frutta, fromaggio, and for the tourist or on special occasions, a dolce, or “dessert”.
The antipasto might be a special house-cured sausage or local prosciutto, an assortment of cured meats , a seafood salad, assorted crostini or bruschette, or a seasonal vegetable specialty like white asparagus.
The primo piatto, or first course, can be pasta, risotto, or soup. The pasta portion is small and lightly sauced.
The secondo could be a piece f grilled or baked fish, a few tiny rib lamb chops or veal chop, slices of boiled beef with salsa verde, or lamb or veal stew. These portions are not large either, usually not more than five or six ounces.
Contorni asparagus or spinach with olive oil and lemon, a stuffed artichoke, peas and prosciutto, or a green salad – can be served as secondi, too. To an Italian, that plate of garden-fresh spring peas flecked with prosciutto is as appealing as a grilled veal chop.
By J. Goldstein

  1. me says:

    antipasto foarte indragit de italieni…brezaola(carne de cal aproape uscata) cu rucola(neste frunze..bune la gust)sau prosciuto crudo stagionato dolce cu melone

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