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You can give any room a seasonal change by using some of these ideas.

  • Alternate two sets of covers for decorative pillows — some for spring/summer and others for fall/winter.
  • Order reversible drapery panels so they can easily be turned with the changing of the seasons. A plain ivory on one side can be a neutral option while a more colorful stripe on the reverse offers a fresh look for another season.
  • When displaying plates, change them seasonally. Pretty florals in the summer can be switched out with classic holiday plates when the weather turns cool.
  • Switch a light throw with a cozier one for cooler seasons.
  • Remove spring themed silk flower arrangements as soon as summer is over.
  • Change a cool cotton matelasse bed cover for a warmer down duvet.

Internet has it all

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Believe it or not. Woman has Man in it; Mrs. has Mr . in it; Female has Male in it; She has He in it; Madam has Adam in it; No wonder men always want to be inside women! Men were born between the legs of a woman, yet men spend all their life and time trying to go back between the legs of a woman…. Why? BECAUSE THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME… Okay, Okay, it all makes sense now… I never looked at it this way before: Ever notice how all of women’s problems start with MEN? MENtal illness MENstrual cramps MENtal breakdown MENopause GUYnecologist and… When we have REAL trouble, it’s a HISterectomy.

Happy Birthday, Cris!

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It’s been more than 7 years we live in Canada and the asparagus is one of the veggies I waited a long time to taste. To be more precise it took me more than 7 years. In other words I first tasted it yesterday. It’s not one of the Romanian classical veggies and at first I was pretty scared to try new stuff and in time, I guess, I just ignored it. Everything started when Luminita had posted the asparagus in so many dishes that I couldn’t resist and promised her I would try it this past week-end. As promised, this is how it all started :
I bought the asparagus and kept it in water. Was not sure how to cook it and finally decided for a simple boil and garlic & mayonnaise sauce, mixed with chives. When looking in the fridge I found some new potatoes left-overs from last week and broccoli.
                                                                                  I put everything to boil, then sauted the broccoli and potatoes. Aside I prepared chicken liver which was more than delish. I became a huge fun of the chicken liver lately. It’s the third time in 2 weeks I had chicken liver. 😉 And this is how everyhting came together :

Fruit Cake

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Even though me and hubby are planners at work, when it comes to planning the house hold we are not doing it at all. So, there’s no grocery day planned for us. We just go grocery shopping once or twice a week, whenever we “think” it’s time to do so. Last night we went grocery shopping for fruits, veggies, milk, eggs, meat ( I guess everybody knows what grocery shopping means, :).Silly me!) We go as a family, so our two kids are joining us and lately they started to fill the supermarket cart with whatever they feel like having. Junk, most of it, but healthy food, too. Just in front of the supermarket there are two bins with watermelon. It’s the second time my son, almost 2 and half years young, reminds me to buy watermelon. Right after the entrence there’s the fruit section. Because of a missunderstanding from last week’s grocery shopping when I thought hubby bought strawberries, but , in fact, he didn’t, he made sure to buy some this time. Next to the strawberries there are the sponge flan cakes which I never tried, but my son took one and said : “This is my birthday cake!” (he’s birthday is December 8th), so we bought it. And that’s how we kept going and adding to our cart things that we never knew we’d buy, because, now, my two kids are shopping for us.

When we got home the unpacking was done by the two of them also, and when my son saw the sponge flan cake he started singing: Bonne Fete, Luca, Bonne Fete, Luca… He begged me to make the cake right away, but in the end I promised him I would make it the next morning and he was happy with having a slice of watermelon. 

And here’s the “birthday cake”… Kids are so much fun, SOMETIMES!



Here is what I made at the beginning of the week, the white kidney beans soup. My family loves it. And so do I. It’s very easy to make. I always use smoked pork ribs. I buy it from a polish grocery store. They are smoked naturally and taste great. The main idea is to boil them long enough, so the meat will become tender and fun to eat. The rest is veggies and tomato juice and a kind of vinegar with herbs in form of a powder. Us, romanians know it as Bors Magic with Leustean…
In the above picture there’s celery sticks and root, carrots, panais, onion and green pepper, along with the kidney beans.
Next step is to cut and grate the veggies.
Then, in a large pan, heat 2 tbsp of sunflower oil and cook the veggies.
Let them cook for over 1/2 an hour over low heat then mix it with the meat that’s been boiling for at least 2 hours. (It always takes me 2 days to finish this soup)
In the end it looks like this…
Bon apetit!