Asperge / Asparagus / Sparanghel

Posted: May 19, 2008 in Dinner
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It’s been more than 7 years we live in Canada and the asparagus is one of the veggies I waited a long time to taste. To be more precise it took me more than 7 years. In other words I first tasted it yesterday. It’s not one of the Romanian classical veggies and at first I was pretty scared to try new stuff and in time, I guess, I just ignored it. Everything started when Luminita had posted the asparagus in so many dishes that I couldn’t resist and promised her I would try it this past week-end. As promised, this is how it all started :
I bought the asparagus and kept it in water. Was not sure how to cook it and finally decided for a simple boil and garlic & mayonnaise sauce, mixed with chives. When looking in the fridge I found some new potatoes left-overs from last week and broccoli.
                                                                                  I put everything to boil, then sauted the broccoli and potatoes. Aside I prepared chicken liver which was more than delish. I became a huge fun of the chicken liver lately. It’s the third time in 2 weeks I had chicken liver. 😉 And this is how everyhting came together :
  1. veri nais indid!

    daca vrodata mai cumperi si nu-l gatesti in ziua aia, ceea ce, stim ca nu e indicat , mai ales in cazu sensibilului sparanghel, da daca o fi sa fie, uda fleasca un stergar de bucatarie, infasoara sparanghelul in el, iar pachhetul il pui apoi intr-o punga, in lada de jos a frigiderului.
    po sa-l pui si pe gratar, sau sa-l prajesti in ulei cu unt, cu, sau fara oparaeala prealabila. si pe al verde, si pe al alb. iote ce ma’ntind io iar, cind venisem doar sa zic ca-i veri nais ce-ai facut, iar ficatul (nu numai )d epasare imi place tare, numa ca cu sclifositii astia ai mei nu prea-mi merge; of!

  2. sidi2u says:

    Multam de trucuri. Nu-ti fa probelme de spatiu, stii doar ca n-avem counter, inca. 😉

  3. ‘mi-era de capu tau , ca te bat la el, nu de spatiu, da-l incolo de spatiu

  4. sidi2u says:

    Nu iti fa probleme! As vrea sa fiu batuta la cap cu alde de’astea. Ca e de bune. 😉

  5. DoDu says:

    De cand te-am rugat eu sa-mi traduci chinese food, iar acum imi lasa gura apa la mielul ala pe spanac

  6. oatmeal says:

    I love asparagus! It’s got a really unique taste, and so crunchy! 😀
    That white sauce looks amazing~

  7. sidi2u says:

    The white sauce is mayonnaise (1cup), garlic, 1 tbsp of white vinegar, 1 tbsp of sunflower oil, salt and pepper. And chives, of course.

  8. JuiceGirl says:

    Oh, I love asparagus! It’s so delish.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, Healing with Juices. I appreciate it. I’ll be back to visit here too. I noticed your post on Lovage. Off to read that one next.


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