Changing the Look of a Room With the Seasons by Coral Nafie

Posted: May 27, 2008 in Design tips
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You can give any room a seasonal change by using some of these ideas.

  • Alternate two sets of covers for decorative pillows — some for spring/summer and others for fall/winter.
  • Order reversible drapery panels so they can easily be turned with the changing of the seasons. A plain ivory on one side can be a neutral option while a more colorful stripe on the reverse offers a fresh look for another season.
  • When displaying plates, change them seasonally. Pretty florals in the summer can be switched out with classic holiday plates when the weather turns cool.
  • Switch a light throw with a cozier one for cooler seasons.
  • Remove spring themed silk flower arrangements as soon as summer is over.
  • Change a cool cotton matelasse bed cover for a warmer down duvet.
  1. crisatcross says:

    And don’t forget, clean the room! It’s spring, what the hec… This part is for me…

  2. sidi2u says:

    That’s one hec of a tip! Thanks, sis!

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