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I am depressed. This month we had 19 days of rain, 19!!!! out of 31… I can’t take it anymore.  

Because Luminita is so eager to get to the dessert, I first have to post the second corse which is :

*pork bbq

*tomatoes, cucumbers, scallions, mixed with white wine vinegar and sunflower oil, salt and pepper

*broccoli – boiled for a minute in salted water and then sauté in a little bit of butter

The background is a reproduction of the only beautiful thing in my hometown. A very old castle, built in the 14th century. Check this out !!!

Bon voyage and bon apetit!


I had to call my sister twice to ask her about the great and difficult Lettuce Soup recipe. It always seemed SO hard to make it, even though I knew it doesn’t contain much, so it can’t be hard to make it. Here are the ingredients :

2 big lettuce heads

6 – 7  eggs

100 ml cooking cream (35%)

4 tbs vegetable oil

4 cloves of garlic, minced

salt, pepper


Wash the lettuce leafs, put salt on it and leave it for 10-15 minutes. In a large pot heat 3 tbs of the vegetable oil and after strangling and beating and braking the lettuce as much as possible, when almost dead, throw it in the heated oil and leave it there for at least 15 minutes. 

In the meanwhile, make an omelette out of 5 eggs.  Break into as small pieces as possible and put it aside.


When the 10-15 minutes passed, add water, about 8-10 cups, the omelette, the minced garlic, salt and pepper and let it boil for another 5-7 minutes.

Mix the cream with the egg yolks from the 2 remaining eggs in a 4-5 cups size bowl. The white can be frozen for later use. Add a few tbs at a time to the cream and yolk mix until bowl is full. Then put this mixture in the pot and give it another 1-2 minutes boil.

Taste it for salt and serve. It’s delicious!!!

Bon apetit!

Omelet rolls

Posted: July 11, 2008 in Appetisers
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Ingredients :

4 large eggs

2 tbsp. water

1 tbsp Thai soy sauce

6 scallions, chopped finely

1 fresh red chili, seeded and chopped finely

1tbsp vegetable or peanut oil

1tbsp green curry paste

bunch of fresh parsley/ lovage, chopped

Put the eggs, water, and Thai soy sauce in a bowl. Set aside. Mix together the scallions and chopped chili to form a paste.

Heat half the oil in an 8-inch skillet and pour half the egg mixture. Tilt to coat the bottom of the skillet evenly and cook until set.Lift out and set aside. Heat the remaining oil and make a second omelet in the same way.

Spread the scallions, chilli paste, and curry paste in a thin layer over each omelet and sprinkle the parsley/lovage on top. Roll up tightly. Cut each one in half and then cut each piece on the diagonal in half again. Serve immediately, while still warm.

Bon Apetit!